I’m still sitting outside on the patio, I’ve been here since about 4:30pm since shooting a video. I’m listening to the sounds of the night.

My summer ends exactly Wednesday of next week. I say this every year as the starts to come to a close is I don’t want to go back, I’m not ready, yet I kind of am. I’ve really enjoyed putting media out this summer. Starting several websites but actually having one succeed is an entirely different story. It’s a vast world & as past Scott L. Bandy said last week. If you’re not using you’re God given talents & passions then you’re going against God. I’ve been wasting my potential for far to long & it’s time to make people notice I’m doing something for everyone. That or “die trying.” So here’s to the 2012-13 school year and hopefully bigger & better opportunities for my media presence!

Extended family coming in for a couple hours, I’m on almost no rest. Afterwards ASW Wrestling in St. Albans. #longday #iwillsurvive

Summer family reunion 2012.

Headed out for Money In The Bank at BW3 in Nitro, WV. Join me, we’ll scream at the TV’s!


Life told by five random fortunes from fortune cookies.


Somewhat true…

Finally, portable shade!

Finally, portable shade! by Jonfun
Finally, portable shade!, a photo by Jonfun on Flickr.

It’s great to have shade!

Mobile home move.

Mobile home move. by Jonfun
Mobile home move., a photo by Jonfun on Flickr.

It went well.

Jim Cornette, Jay Lethal, & I.

Jim Cornette, Jay Lethal, & I. by Jonfun
Jim Cornette, Jay Lethal, & I., a photo by Jonfun on Flickr.

Still an hour left to meet these guys in Nitro.

Went to the Children Miracle Network 5K walk/run by Nitro WalMart this morning at SAHS Track. Nice little group. $600 was raised.

I really wish someone would come up with a similar platform to the soon to be obsolete Ping.fm site & model, actually maintain it.

A whole different world. http://ping.fm/mzGO0