How much is to much?

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, & do you need?

If you’re into blogging, video, & all the above mentioned then what really works is focus.

First of all you probably need to be on every network that is offered if you’re in business or work for a business. This is where community & communication is for the foreseeable future is moving. If you don’t believe me then follow Amy Schmittaur on the web at

She always been social, just like when I was voted most school spirit in high school, since she started. I like her because for some reason she’s awkward & in less than eight months has established probably the best social site on the internet besides Mashable. She has an opinion & valuable information. Like why “You shouldn’t give a Damn about your Klout.” in which Tech Crunch mentions her. You can view that here.

She kind of had to brag about it because it sent nearly 2000 people rushing to her site over 24 hours. I’m happy for her as I’m trying to figure out how to help contribute to her information. Yet, I haven’t exactly I’d fit into her cooperate structure. May be I will soon.

About jonfun

Always working to be my best version. Sincere, eclectic, eccentric, #ProWrestling #DigitalMedia #PMA. Digital creator of @amyschumer FBLike Pg.

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