Those stories your grandparents told you.

So the other day I was thinking of stories that you hear from your grand parents back when there wasn’t an internet, cars we’re not everywhere, and they had to track through feet of snow to one room school houses.

Oh, how the times are a changing. We live in a world where we can instantly communicate to the other side of the world in a matter on milliseconds. Almost instantaneous.

There really isn’t a point to this other than this, the generation that didn’t have “modern conveniences” is slowly fading away. The are people in this world who didn’t grow up on Johnny Carson. I know not everyone knew who Johnny Carson was but I am using him as a measure.

I do have one question may be anyone reading this out there on the web can help me find an answer, what’s going to happen when that generation is all gone? As society we tend to forget things, I really have a strange feeling about this one.

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I'm Jonfun™! Entrepreneurial, positive, awkward, profound, eclectic, eccentric, & honest. Pro wrestling, digital media, & conversation. Unbiased Christian.

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