Only a spoke on the wheel.


People make there own success & way through life. Comedian Amy Schumer is one of those people that has keep current into today’s vast array of entertainment & continues her path of success. Only four short years ago I reached out to help her & not for financial gain but simple notoriety in her team of people who have helped her. This would be one of those times I want to brag about her success & my simple idea. Congratulations for obtaining 100k likes on Facebook Amy Schumer. Now let’s celebrate, party party!

Midnight Muse #5

Maddie Madness

How I desire this fair maiden
She’s really quite a delight
And she likes to watch
Men in tights fight.

Working in wrestling is her goal
And that is a dream of mine too
To reach the professional level
Watch this story unfold.

How her and I met is really odd
Just passing by in a mess
Of mass transit
Wrestlemania was the destination.

It struck me instantly she was different
And really nice
In 80,000 people
How in the world do you meet twice?

“A series of accidents”
Or just being drawn
It was apparently meant to happen somewhere in the stars.

Now it’s only been two weeks
My thoughts wonder constantly to her
Like a heat seeking missle
I find myself burning & yearning for her.

She is really laid back
Funny quirky and odd
Yet it is right up my alley
All the interest run.

Wanting to land this one
Give it a chance
Find the love life
And true romance.

Already a best friend
Check that off
We get along like
Bonnie and Clyde.

Except we are not robbing banks
Or breaking any laws
About to take the world by storm
And watch Maddie Madness take it all.

Midnight Muze #3

It is time to recover
Regain your strength
Climbing higher
Going to the top

Time waisted
Lost in the drama
Taking a bullet
Still can feel it

The world is dangerous
That does not stop life
From doing as they choose

Actions needed
Consequences still pending
Wondering when it is all ending.

Midnight Muze #2

Feeling better.
Like a swiss cheese and bacon burger.
Smile through the pain.
Soon it will float away.

I live for more
I have love for all
I stand tall
I find resolve

Cherish your friends
They cushion the fall
Here my cry Lord
You understand it all

A world
Locked in battles
We need to ride away
In blazing saddles

Who are you
What threat am I
Where is the end
Why do we always have to start again?

Midnight muze. #1

I am the broken.
I am the bruised.
I am the outcast.
I am amused.

Outside the norm.
What form?

A new beginning.
I am not stopping.
They’ll all be hopping.

Find your heart.
Don’t fall apart.
Living with love.
From above.
You will see.
I am meant for more than a box of captivity.

Go with the flow.
Adapt to the style.
The world is a big ball.
It is time to make the all call.
Now or never.

New #NWA World Heavyweight Champion “The Tokyo Monster” Kangus #wrestling #news #events

After a surprise entrance “The Tokyo Monster” Kangus entered the fray of the remaining two in the elimination match. “The Dark Child” Chance Prophet & Damien Wayne. Wayne pounced on a distracted Chance Prophet to make it just Kangus & himself. Wayne fought hard but was no match for a fresh Kangus.

New #NWA World Heavyweight Champion “The T

Daily Bible Verse

John 14:27

27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

New music, help the fellow out. http://h

New music, help the fellow out.

#ChickFilA vs. #EqualRights #RedEye #Opinons #Beliefs #Observations #world #problems

Recently, Chick-Fil-A a fast food chicken sandwich joint came out on record for core Christian beliefs. The president of the company stated belief in family values & God being at the center of the his life. This has released a backlash of equal right activists & unleashed fury among people who are gay or lesbian.For countless years the battle line has been over the right to for a man & a man or woman & a woman to be identified in marriages. Look, my argument is if you don’t stand for something then you fall for anything. Yeah, cliche but in this world you fight & earn your keep. No matter what you believe. People voice their personal opinion daily & if you don’t agree with it then that is fine. If you’re offended by what another person believes then the joke is on you & should seek a psychological evaluation. People find disagreement all the time but can’t we all just get along? At this juncture I’m not for certain, especially when it comes down to a chicken sandwich.